How do I live a mindful life? How do I manage to juggle all the plates and still remain sane?

I learnt about “me time” that’s how.

I learnt that being stress out – anxious, feeling overwhelmed and totally frazzled wasn’t the way to be the best version of me.

So if you can agree with any of these

  • I am so busy I don't have time to stop
  • I don’t like high street beauty salons
  • I do not get restful sleep
  • I know I need some “me” time

Or if you’ve ever just need your internal battery recharged or someone to support you through a difficult time in this frantic world then give me a call.

My Vision Statement – to recharge and rejuvenate your mind, body and spirit.

Rest assured you’ve just landed in the right place.


In 1984 James (my husband now) met with a motorbike accident along the Thanet Way. He sustained a life-changing injury. He lost the total use of his left arm with a spinal injury called a Brachial Plexus Injury.

In 1990 my Step Father died after 18 months in a London hospital.

I found Yoga and Massage as a way to deal with this stress and cope with the extreme emotions that these two events had on me.


In 1994 I trained to become a massage therapist as I realised that massage could help James with his headaches, his sleepless nights and his pain. I already knew how having a regular massage had helped me cope, I wanted to help him.

I realised that the skills and techniques that the Eastern World knew and understood so well were in fact able to help so many everyday complaints. Massage was not well known back in the day, but quietly and without a website I built up a loyal list of clients.

Over the years I have kept up my training and have many certificates to prove my knowledge and understanding of the human mind and body.

I wanted to live a calmer life, where I was in charge of what I did with my time and in 2010 I spotted a new market.

Many of my clients would climb onto my couch with explanations that their waxing appointment was due, or they’d cut themselves with the razor just before coming for their massage.

I realised that hair removal fitted in really well for my clients. I love a challenge and have embarked on an adventure that even I could not envisage.

I travelled to the USA to train in Sugaring. The ancient art of hair removal that dates back to the Egyptians.

I’ve since spoken at two hair removal conferences and trained 100s of Salon owners in the art of sugaring.

I’m delighted to offer this wonderful treatment alongside my marvelous massage. Nothing gives me more satisfaction than seeing the results of my sugaring. Smooth, hair-free skin that gives clients the confidence to go swimming, to undress in the gym, or just wear a skirt every day of the month.


My passion is to show how massage can help you cope with the day to day stress that we all experience. Massage can ease any aches and pains you may have and will increase your energy levels. Just like you I have ups and downs in my life… massage has always helped me to keep my feet firmly on the ground.


I offer massage and hair removal and believe in natural, chemical free products as much as possible. No fuss, just good quality simple things in life make me happy. I believe the whole body should be in balance and feel that the mind, body and soul are important.


Like you I’m always on the go. I’m a busy Mum of teenage boys and currently, James is playing Para-Badminton for England. Like you, we are a busy family. I never stop learning and my mind is always busy. If you relate to this, if you totally understand what it feels like to have a busy mind that rushes off in all directions then we are a total fit together and I guarantee you that a massage will relax your mind and give it time to wander.

I have a weekly massage. I do not think it is a luxury, for me it is my life saver. My body needs sleep and my mind needs controlling. Let me help you control your busy mind and recharge your batteries.


It relieves headaches. The most common cause of headaches is stress and sore muscles. Massage relieves tension in the muscles of your neck and back and can be used as prevention or treatment of reoccurring headaches. Massage promotes the release of natural hormones which relieve pain without the need for medication.

It boosts the immune system. Not only can you prevent the common cold with a massage, but you can fight any type of sickness or disease you are battling. A massage stimulates the immune system which is your body natural defence mechanism. People with HIV who are massaged have shown an increase in the number of healthy cells which fight viral infections.

It reduces anxiety. Anxiety is common for those who are stressed out and need a little TLC. It is the healthiest treatment and prevention technique to chase away stress and anxiety. Massage has even been proven to reduce anxiety in depressed children, anorexic women and in individuals who are trying to quit smoking.

Other benefits of massage include higher self-esteem, a more relaxed state of mind and relief from aches and pains caused by physical ailments or overexertion.


Are you looking for hair removal that won’t leave you skin red and blotchy after a wax?

Are you seeking hair removal that leaves you without spots and ingrown hair?

Do you want a confidential treatment that leaves you feeling super smooth and super confident about your looks?

I offer two treatments, massage and hair removal. Take a look around this website to learn a bit more about each of these skills that I have.

You are probably wondering what’s the next step? Right?

Your Next Step: Take Action!

I aim to help you go through the highs and lows of life.

I aim to give you the gift of smooth, hairfree skin. Top to Toe, male and female.

I encourage you to take action and follow through with your dreams – however large or small they may be!

Thank you for reading.

Complementary therapists never claim to cure or diagnose any illness.

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