Fish Pedicure

Fish Pedicure

In Herne Bay the “fish doctors” have arrived and lots of people are asking me if I have tried it or could I stand to put my feet in?Although I have not read anything in the press about problems with this new treatment I am a little worried about the whole thing.

Fish Pedicure
Would you put your feet in a tank full of fish?


The fish pedicure is hitting our high street and ringing around I have found that prices range from £10 – £50.  These Turkish miniature toothless carp nibble away at dead skin and leave your feed feeling fabulous, some say.

I do have health and safety concerns regarding these fishy treatments though.

We all know that there are always going to be risks of spreading infection, how can you sterilize a living creature? It’s not like a pair of clippers.  Some expects are even concerned that the UV light used to clean such tanks is even controversial saying that fixed filtration systems would be preferable.

There are of course salons doing all they can to protect clients safety and there will be those that cut corners, I guess you get what you pay for really.  This new treatment does not require a treatment license at the moment.  It’s down to the Health and Safety Executive to regulate, which means that the treatment needs to be established first.  It’s already been banned in 14 states in the US.

So to answer your questions – I won’t be putting my feet in any tanks in the near future, but I will be watching with interest.

So, have you tried it yet?


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  1. mel

    I have heard that this treatment has been around for over 400 years and that it has been band in 14 states because the tanks were not sterilize properly.

  2. I’m surprised just how so many fish pedicure spas have sprung up in the uk without looking fully at the possible health risks to clients, or insuring against them.

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