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I charge £50 for Intimate Wax – as this is a specialist service and I have had training with Andy Rouillard. Andy is our very own award-winning industry expert with many years experience in the male grooming sector and hailed as “Britain’s top male waxing specialist” by the Men’s Health grooming editor.

I wax the complete area often known as Sac/Back/Crack – you can have as much removed as you want.  Client consultation takes a few minutes but it’s where we discuss what you really want.

Back Sugaring
Back Sugaring

Sugaring.  For all other areas of the body I offer hair removal using Sugaring.  This is more gentle than strip waxing and gives superior results. I have trained in USA.

As I have no idea how hairy you are I base my prices on time on the couch.  The first appointment usually takes longer than maintenance treatments so I charge £50 per hour regardless of what areas you have removed. A full back sugaring including shoulders and top of the arms would normally take 40 minutes after the initial appointment.  Regular clients will receive a discount.

Sugaring gives excellent results without the pain and discomfort of strip waxing.  Using totally natural ingredients you get hair-free skin every time.  I can remove much shorter hair than waxing practitioners so there is no need to wait for it to show back after previously waxing or shaving.

Here is what Simon recently wrote:

“I went to Carolynn for a full Brazilian – I felt a little apprehensive as it was my first visit and I hadn’t had any waxing before.  From the time I stepped through the door Carolynn put me at ease.  The session started with a thorough questionnaire about medication and my general health.”

“Once the waxing began I felt total confidence in  Carolynn and at no time felt embarrassed or nervous.  The results were smooth, clean and incredibly soft.  I experienced no soreness or stinging afterwards.  Carolynn did advise to moisturize every day to avoid any possible infections. and I was given full aftercare advice, to avoid infections. Carolynn is a competent, confident and professional therapist and I have already made my next appointment!”
So what are you waiting for?

Please ensure you arrive in good time for your appointment. I regret that late arrival could result in a reduced treatment time.


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