Need Some Hair Removal?

Hair Removal - Using Sugar or Wax

Hair Removal for Men and Women

  • Are you feeling a little furry?

Let me help, all areas of the body hair can be removed. For women it's quite normal and I offer all the usual treatments, no area is a problem.

For men I know this is often a whole new experience - I'm happy to help you. As you get a little older your back may be showing a little too much fuzz, or perhaps your nose and ears are a little too fluffy these days. Intimate area - no problem I am really cool with this and trained hard to overcome all the barriers - really - I can sort you out. Chests don't seem so popular but arms, toes, fingers... I've done it all.

  • Hollywood Wax - (I'm an EXPERT at this)
  • Any Area - Really
  • Book Ahead - I'm busy
  • Guys - Really - You'll be fine
  • Backs, Shoulders, Fingers, Toes
  • Any area chaps
  • It's Not THAT painful
  • Male Intimate - My Specialty
  • Come On - You Know You Want To

Hollywood or Brazilian


Using Peelable, Glitter Wax (yes really it's purple glittery peelable wax)

Full Legs


Using Sugar Paste up to your knicker line

Half leg, Basic Bikini, Underarms


Half Leg goes over the knee, basic bikini and underarms using Sugar Paste

Top Lip and/or Eye Brow


Never worry about leaving with a massive red lip again - Sugar is gentle

Male Intimate


All the Crown Jewels and your crack

Full Back & Shoulders


I can't know how hairy you are until you arrive - it's based on time on the couch - usually a full hairy back takes 1 hr - but I'll discount it accordingly


Cash or Card

Terms & Conditions

You need 4 weeks growth from shaving or waxing.
You need to book ahead and speak to me - I'll want to discuss your skin, your expectations and your sense of humour.
24 Hours Notice for Cancellation Please or 50% of the treatment. No Show - 100% of the treatment booked. I do understand that life is hectic but I'm also running a business and I've been messed about in the past. So, please, lets work together on this.


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