Why Bother Getting A Massage

Why Bother Getting A Massage

Massage is a wonderful way to de-stress. There are many types of massage available and if you are wondering which one will suit you then read on. Not only will you learn a little more about massage you will feel a little more relaxed about spending your money on a massage.

Over 100 Type of Massage

The list of massage types runs on to over 100 and whilst I would be the first to say that a good rub down should feel wonderful you are probably wondering if a massage is really worth the cash. Studies have now shown what the Eastern world have known forever, massage can be helpful not only in reducing physical pain but also for improving the mind and the fighting stress. Although there is no budget in the NHS for massage, many Doctors and Nurses all know that massage somehow does work for many people.

What’s Your Massage Therapist Like?
We all know that not all massage therapists are created equal. I trained in 1994 and took the ITEC qualification in Massage, this was a year long part time training followed by 50 case studies all signed off by a trained tutor. I did not study any beauty qualification and I think this is what sets me apart from the crowd.

If you are looking for your hair to be cut you call upon the services of a hairdresser, if you need heart surgery you go to a heart surgeon, if you need your nails painted then it’s a beautician you need so it makes sense that if you want a really good massage you find a massage expert, someone who specializes in the treatment.

I don’t paint nails, cut hair or perform heart surgery, I massage. Check out my testimonial page to see what other people say about me.

Feeling Cared For.

Luxury Couch
Luxury Couch

You want to know that whilst lying on my couch you’ll get my 100% attention and you will be looked after. Part of a massage treatment in my mind is to be cared for. When you bare your body to another person you need to be confident that you will be warm, comfortable and thus able to relax. My couch has a heated blanket underneath a mattress topper – so my couch is luxuriously comfortable, and it’s larger than most so you can really spread yourself out and not worry about limbs falling off the edge.

Many studies have been carried out (including some by the NHS) to show that massage really can reduce stress, improve circulation and help give you a good nights sleep. Life is moving at such a fast pace we all suffer from brain overload, massage really can quieten your mind and give you time to rest.


Chocolate or Massage?
Although massage therapy may be more expensive than a walk in the park or a bar of chocolate it is possible the benefits of massage far outweigh its price tag.

I know from my own experience that not everyone can give a true therapeutic massage so seek the services of a well-trained massage therapist. Ring and ask about their qualifications, how long they have been in the business and even ask for a free “tester” massage. Although most business owners would refuse this I would be more than happy to meet with you, discuss your requirements and give you a 10-15 minute free back massage – just so you know exactly what my treatment feels like.

You should never feel uncomfortable with your massage therapist so perhaps all you need is a friendly chat on the phone first to put your mind at ease. All professionals massage therapist should be more than happy to schedule a phone consultation with you if you have concerns.

Schools Should Teach Massage

I’d like a massage technique to be taught in all schools at infant and junior level so that everyone can give and receive a massage, you’d have grown up then knowing how great a massage feels.  Nothing beats a  massage after a long day at work, a flight back from a business trip or a visit to the in-laws.

Many of my clients have been with me for years and I’ve massaged them through the highs and lows of their life, they know that a regular massage really does give them great benefit. Reading this won’t give you the real insight into what a relaxing massage treatment can do you need to go an experience one for real.



Through my ever popular massage (the one where you totally relax and almost fall asleep) and my amazing sugaring and waxing skills, I've looked after the community in Herne Bay and surrounding areas for years. I've spoken at conferences, been interviewed on radio, written industry expert articles and I've inspired 100's of people to take more care of themselves. “Wow! I really do feel better” says everyone. I prove that by giving yourself a “step-away from the madness” with an hour of calm reflection, even the busiest person can bypass overwhelm and instead generate exciting feel-good emotions as they head back to building the life they love. What's stopping you?

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