Why You Need A Massage

Everyone who watched the BBC Sports Personality of the Year 2012 heard the Olympians thank their massage therapists for helping and supporting them during their journey to London in July. They understood exactly how massage had helped them to overcome injury, beat muscle fatigue and enhance their performance.

I leapt from the couch and punched the air when I heard them acknowledged the true value of a good massage.

Although we are not pushing our body to such extremes, we still experience exactly the same problems; muscle fatigue due to toxin build up, muscle cramps and spasms, knots that stop our shoulders from freely moving and backs that fail to bend so easily.

Olympians know that massage has the power to unlock the toxins, to free up the movements and enable the blood to flow like liquid gold in our body.

By applying my hot stone technique I am able to increase your blood circulation and thereby eliminate the toxins in your system, this will relieve headaches and aid muscles to heal themselves. By applying consistent pressure to the lymphatic system my massage will boost immune systems and help the body fight infection.

The Olympians put themselves through an extraordinary amount of stress, physically and mentally – but don’t we all?

By striving for a better life, holding down a job, maintaining our homes (both financially and physically), feeding our children and supporting our partners we experience high stress levels.

Massage works on your “fight or flight” mechanism. By taking an hour out you allow your body to switch off, to pause and recharge.

So Gentlemen, I hope that you see massage is not a luxury afternoon in the spa – it should be part of your maintenance programme – like 5 a day, and regular exercise. A monthly massage helps bring equilibrium to the ups and downs of life, and puts the power back into your body so you too can be a winner.

The Olympic motto “Swifter, Higher, Stronger “ can be applied to everyday life too. Let me improve the quality of your life – you deserve my massage.

I offer Saturdays and some evening appointments are available with the guarantee you won’t be disappointed.

I might not get you to Rio but I am confident my significant experience promises the “Gold Standard” treatment.

Read what other people say about my treatments —-

Wayne Roberts B.Ost. MICO Dip F.T.S.T  Osteopath – Broomfield Osteopathic and Sports Injuries Clinic said
“Amazing treatment, I felt really energized after your wonderful Hot Stones. Thank You”
Peter Sass said…
“A hot stone massage by Carolynn Binnie’s healing hands is a guaranteed stress buster and a real must for busy lives”

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