Learn To Sugar

Learn to sugar

Want to Learn to Sugar?

  • Are you looking for professional sugaring training?
  • We have classes up and down the UK and Ireland too?
  • We offer you VIP 1-1 classes either at your salon or you can attend one of our Educators venues
  • We also offer group classes, which might suit you better.

I teach an acredited sugaring course, contact me for more details.

Flexible with dates - contact me to discuss.

Contact me if you'd like different dates or areas in the UK and Ireland.

Our two day body sugaring class is perfect if you are new to Sugaring or you’ve already done some training but need a refresher.

You gain access to our Online Theory Course upon registration.

In this sugaring training class you’ll learn the fundamentals of good Sugaring technique, proper hand positioning, client positioning and last but not least, how to Sugar!

You’ll spend a majority of the sugaring training working on models legs, underarms, the lip, brow and bikini line. Both men and woman can be arranged.

All two-day sugaring training courses are hands-on and aim to help you walk away feeling confident and ready to practice your new skill.

All new students will receive ongoing support from Stephanie via The Sugaristas Facebook Group, monthly check-in calls and email. The learning goes way beyond the classroom.

We know and understand the importance of having support, so you can count on having a cheerleader as you venture out into the sweet world of Sugaring.

Flexible Payment Plans are available.

*This course is fully Accredited by The Guild of Beauty Therapists

  • Gain A Professional Qualification
  • Build A New Business
  • Stand Out From The Competition
  • Offer A Totally Organic Hair Removal Treatmetn
  • Work When You Want
  • Build A Client Base Around Your Family Life
  • Join The New Trend In Independent Products
  • Early Adopters Always Remain Ahead
  • Join A Tribe Of Professionals

Two Days Training

A very practical course

On Line Theory

Learn the Theory in your own time


Payment Plan Available


Full Accreditation with The Guild.

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