Wondering about Sugaring?

So… you are interested in having some Sugaring Hair Removal?

Here are some basic things you should do so that we get maximum hair removal each visit.

  • If you usually shave every day then you will need to let the hair grow for about 4 – 6 days.
  • Unlike waxing the sugar paste can grip very short hair.

So having taken the decision not to shave for a couple of days you cannot wrap up in trousers and forget about skin care!

You need to moisturize your skin daily. (Twice a day if it is very dry).  If this is a new habit for you then I suggest you purchase some good quality moisture cream suitable for all skin types that is easily absorbed.

So having set up your moisture routine you have a few more steps to follow if you want a great suntan or just great looking and feeling skin.

Twice a week you should exfoliate with a Dead Sea Salt scrub.  This need not be an expensive luxury.  All you need is Dead Sea Salt and some Sweet Almond Oil.  Wet your body and switch off the shower.  Gently rub the salt and oil all over your body and scrub well.  The salt will take off all the dead skin cells and acts as a great healer for minor cuts etc whilst the Almond Oil (use Grapeseed if you have a nut allergy) ensures your skin feels really smooth and soft.  Rinse off and pat dry and moisturize.

Deal with and Preventing In grown hairs. 

As the hair is weakened by constant removal the hair follicles become smaller and the hair does not have the strength to push up through the dead skin cells… hence the reason why you should exfoliate.  Daily exfoliate using a glove (not a loofah as these harbour germs and cannot be washed)  gloves can be washed in the washing machine and are gentle for daily use.  Gently rub your body with soap or shower gel especially your sugared areas.

Loofahs cannot be properly disinfected and can cause adverse skin conditions resulting from bacterial growth in the loofa sponge.

Hungarian Mud Packs.  This Hungarian wellness mud is brought over from Hungry and is rich in mineral.  It has many healing qualities and is excellent for really deep cleansing of the skin.  I always recommend that after your sugaring you apply a thin mud pack to the area that evening to really extract all the dead skin cells from the empty hair follicle which will give you a great healthy glow and help to removal any bacteria that may enter the area.  I then recommend a Mud pack once a week unless you have in grown hairs – in which case I suggest a Mud pack twice a week.  Moisturize really well after the Mud pack.

So here is a very quick and easy way to have great skin…

  •  Daily Moisturize
  • Sugaring hair removal every 4 – 6 weeks.
  • Daily Exfoliate using a Mitt
  • Twice a week Salt Scrub Exfoliate
  • Twice a week apply Hungarian Mud pack.

Do NOT exfoliate the day before, of or after your sugaring treatment as the sugaring will exfoliate at the same time.

Please note that as sugaring exfoliates the skin it will remove any fake tanning products, so leave this until 24 hours after your sugaring treatment.

The salt scrub is wonderful and the men love it as well.  Take a shower together and have some fun!

The Mud Pack takes about 15 minutes and can be painted.  It really does not involve a lot of time or money.

Mud and Salt scrubs can be used on your face as well.

Causes of Excess Hair Growth

All of us are controlled by our genes and genes can produce varying amounts of hair.  At birth most of our hair growth rate is already predetermined.

Those fabulous hormones are playing a part in our hair growth and teenagers often experience over active endocrine glands and therefore become hairy.  Similarly during pregnancy and then later in life during menopause.  Male hormones (androgens) are responsible for stimulating hair growth – its ok if you are a man to be hairy but women find excessive amounts of superfluous hair on their face and body to be a real confidence problem.

Stress increased the flow of certain hormones and can produce more male hormones and can cause excess hair growth.  I have seen this with a client who, after a few months of regular sugaring suddenly needed more treatments.  After careful discussion we realised that she was extremely stressed at work and this was obviously affecting many things in her life, including hairy legs.  (I can say that it calmed down once the work thing began to subside).

Medication can cause excess facial and body hair as a side effect.  Quite often once the medication has stopped the hair growth calms down again.


As already mentioned many women experience a increase in hair growth during pregnancy.


After a hysterectomy drugs can be given to balance the hormones.  If the balance is not correct then new hair growth can be visible, usually on the face.  Sugaring is wonderfully gently and can easily be used to control any facial hair growth to an acceptable level.

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